Apply now for the mid-year intake


Apply now for the mid-year intake


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the application process for China?

We will send you an application form,then you will send us scan copies of Marksheet/Certificate of Matric(Grade 10), Inter(Grade 10+2), Passport, Police Character/Clearance Certificate and Processing fee.

Why should i go to China for MBBS or other degrees?

There are lot of Advantanges while studying at China, the Quality of Education is high, the Degrees are recognized/accepted worldwide, fee is very reasonable, friendly people & nice environment. what else a student requires?

How much does the China education cost?

The cost depend on the course it vary from 2000 USD to 6000 USD.

How long the admission process takes?

After University get the complete documents they issue the admission/acceptance letter in 3 to 5 working days and Visa form(JW202) in 10 to 15 working days, Courier service(DHL, TNT etc)takes 4 to 8 working days in arriving to required destination.

How can I find a place to live in China?

Student usually go to Hostel and live there for at least one year but after one year of studies student can find apartment outside of campus.

How much are the living expenses in China?

Living cost in China is very less, food & student pocket money cost is no more than 200 USD/Month.

Can I work while am studying?

While having a study visa, work is not allowed you can see study and living is so cheap in China. You don't need to work for it just think of study when you plan to go to China.

Are Scholarships available?

It totally depends on student previous academic profile and can be discussed but University usually don't offer any scholarship for Bachelor.

Can I stay in China after completing my studies?

YES, but if you get a job after you finish your studies and your company offer you visa as well, you can't hold study visa after your graduation which University arranges for you during studies.